Fully Integrated Electronic Health Records

Eliminate the loss of productivity, hassle of complex interfacing and high costs associated with digitizing health records. Choose FiEHR for a streamlined and intuitive way to ignite your practice.

FiEHR Up Your Revenue. Lower your A/R, boost your bottom-line!

Spark Your Potential

FiEHR provides solutions for your practice’s reporting needs that deliver multifaceted clinical and operational data in real-time. Our analytics have the capability to aggregate data from diverse platforms, streamlining the process of identifying and monitoring high-priority populations so that your practice can provide higher quality care.

Meaningful Use Stage 2

Offering real-time access to measure-based reporting, FiEHR makes achieving Meaningful Use simple. FiEHR’s Meaningful Use workflow is rooted in a physician-designed templating system that makes documentation concise, timely and accurate.

ICD-10 Ready

FiEHR is prepared to help your practice make the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding. Our software was built for this transition so your practice will not be slammed with expensive upgrades. FiEHR features an enhanced and intuitive search experience that maximizes productivity.

Population Health

Interoperability and integration are pillars of the FiEHR software development. Our solution has the ability to seamlessly provide your practice with all its connectivity needs, giving you more time to use high-level analytics to target high-risk populations, manage care plan protocols and ultimately, provide your best care.

Switching EHRs? We Can Help.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current electronic health record, let us give you a free demo of FiEHR. Migrating data can seem like a costly and daunting task. With FiEHR, our experienced software support team can make your transition seamless and efficient, giving you more time to spark your revenue and ignite your practice.

Ignite Your Practice

FiEHR provides your practice with a fully-integrated software that offers you user-friendly, intuitive and innovative solutions for your practice’s needs. From streamlined workflow templating to a customizable analytics dashboard, FiEHR has all the tools your need to ignite your practice and spark your revenue.

Electronic Health Records

FiEHR features a flexible user-experience design that streamlines workflow.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified

FiEHR seamlessly integrates with lab and diagnostic companies, Health Information Exchanges and various registries.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Fully Integrated is where FiEHR sets itself apart from the rest of electronic health records vendors.

Real-Time, High-Level Analytics

FiEHR has a full practice management suite that is equipped with customizable dashboard reporting that will provide your practice with real-time, high-level analytics at no extra cost.

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Patient Engagement

When using FiEHR, your practice will have full access to our streamlined patient portal at no extra cost.

User-Friendly Patient Portal

FiEHR’s portal was designed with the user in mind; its simplistic design and intuitive features empower patients to engage in their healthcare.

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Population Health

FiEHR is equipped with innovative templating to assist with care management and population health.

Clinical Cycle Management

From Telemedicine to Chronic Care Management, our software is abreast of the ever changing healthcare industry and prepared to help you achieve better care for your patients.

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As a team, FiEHR is unequivocally 100% committed to your success. We strive to provide you with the innovative solutions that your practice needs to find success in the evolving healthcare industry. Seamless integration, reliable connectivity and streamlined workflow are the founding pillars of our solution. It is our goal to give you the tools to maintain competitive edge in the evolving healthcare industry and ultimately, provide the best quality care to your communities.