What is Clinical Cycle Management?

Clinical Cycle Management is the future of practicing quality medicine and here at FiEHR, we are already paving the way for the shift from volume to value based care. We’ve created A3Care, an entire suite of solutions, that provide your practice with optimal workflow that caterers to government incentives and innovative technologies that fuel the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Achieve Incentives with Ease

Our solutions for clinical cycle management have roots in our passion for keeping abreast of industry changes. We offer high-level consulting and end-user support on several government incentives including but not limited to Meaningful Use, ICD-10, eRX and PQRS. FiEHR is fully-equipped with population health management tools like a Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visit templates. FiEHR is a fully-functioning telemedicine platform, too.


Virtual care environments are the way of the future and FiEHR is ready to take your practice to new heights with our telemedicine suite. Experience seamless integration of telemedicine products and reap the benefits of providing telehealth services to your patients.

  • Seamless integration with high definition video conferencing
  • Integration of leading-edge medical devices
  • Mobile device capability for ease of use
  • Interoperability with various technologies

Population Health & A3Care


FiEHR’s customized reporting dashboard provides your practice with the high-level analytics they need to target high-risk populations.

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Use intuitive workflows to make care management a streamlined and easily tracked practice with FiEHR’s templating system.

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Data minable templates make seeing the results of care management easy. One click to your custom dashboard and FiEHR will show you real-time reports of your population health improvements.

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As a team, FiEHR is unequivocally 100% committed to your success. We strive to provide you with the innovative solutions that your practice needs to find success in the evolving healthcare industry. Seamless integration, reliable connectivity and streamlined workflow are the founding pillars of our solution. It is our goal to give you the tools to maintain competitive edge in the evolving healthcare industry and ultimately, provide the best quality care to your communities.