Fully Integrated Practice Management Solution with Optimized Scheduling and Centralized Billing

Experience streamlined front office operations with our FiEHR Practice Management solution. Our intuitive scheduling features and built-in automation will boost your productivity without increasing resource costs. With FiEHR as your front office command center, we guarantee a cleaner schedule, more efficient patient flow and streamlined delivery of cleaner claims in less time.

Patient outreach made easy with FiEHR.

Schedule Smarter

With a customizable multi-view, our scheduling application allows users to manipulate their view to accommodate their locations and providers without the hassle of multiple clicks. A simplistic design makes FiEHR the optimal software for your front office.

Verify Eligibility with Ease

Experience fewer denials and faster payments with our built-in eligibility checks. Users can easily check patient insurance details, verify co-pays and deductibles with minimal clicks. Process can be run on demand or in batch mode, giving you options that work best with your practice.

Fully-Integrated, No Cost Clearinghouse

Eliminate the added costs and coordination time of managing third party clearinghouse vendors. With FiEHR, your system comes with a built-in clearinghouse with no additional cost. As a fully-integrated software solution, we understand the benefit of experiencing an all-in-one system. You will instantly save time and money with this intuitive feature. When we say free, we mean it.

FiEHR Up Your Revenue. Lower your A/R, boost your bottom-line!






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As a team, FiEHR is unequivocally 100% committed to your success. We strive to provide you with the innovative solutions that your practice needs to find success in the evolving healthcare industry. Seamless integration, reliable connectivity and streamlined workflow are the founding pillars of our solution. It is our goal to give you the tools to maintain competitive edge in the evolving healthcare industry and ultimately, provide the best quality care to your communities.