Our Process

We operate on a comprehensive 8 Step Revenue Cycle Management Process that takes into account the needs of our clients far beyond financials. Our process aims to improve both front and back office functions of billing and collections while shortening your accounts receivable cycles.

Maximize Productivity

FiEHR’s integrated practice management system will help you manage schedules more efficiently and better utilize your office resources.

Charge Capture

We’ve got an app for that. Let FiEHR prevent you from missing critical charges and help you better manage billable services both in and out of the office.

Coding Accuracy

Our team is equipped with Certified Professional Coders that will ensure proper E&M level of service, diagnosis linking, modifier usage and more.

Clean Claims

FiEHR houses a free insurance eligibility check feature. Our team of experts will aid you in pre-claim edits, referrals, authorizations and timely filling needs, too.

A/R Management

FiEHR has a built-in workflow for handling the re-work of denials and follow-ups. Streamlined and simple, our RCM solution eliminates complexities.

Patient Collections

We take the hassle out of patient statements with our simple financial process. Let FiEHR take the work out of collecting from your patients.

Decision Support

The FiEHR team is ready and willing to help you with payer contract negotiations, process improvement and coding interventions.

Smart Analytics

You’ll be able to take control of your billing with our easy-to-use, intuitive reporting dashboard. FiEHR gives you visibility into every stage of your revenue cycle.

FiEHR up your practice with our robust Revenue Cycle Management solution!

Industry Leading Analytics

FiEHR’s intuitive reporting dashboard allows you to take control of your analytics. You’ll have real-time access to a broad spectrum of key performance indicators that you can manipulate to determine how to shape your financial goals. FiEHR has built-in reporting, too. Mining data with FiEHR is simple; we give you the tools you need to achieve success.

Smart Tools

As a comprehensive solution to electronic health records, FiEHR is built on the foundation of interoperability. We’re here to provide you with innovative and intuitive solutions that equip your practice with the technology you require, hassle-free.

Real Time Eligibility Checks

FiEHR provides real-time, fast, reliable and high quality eligibility data to your practice. Direct access with no hidden caveats.

Dashboard Widgets

When we say customizable, we mean it. FiEHR’s dashboard allows users to add custom widgets that are appropriate for their roles.

Real Time Claim Edits

FiEHR features a built-in claim scrubber that will direct you straight to any errors before the claim is sent. No more wasted navigation time.

Intelligent Code Libraries

Eliminate wasted time searching for appropriate codes with our intelligent code libraries that are intuitive and ICD-10 ready.

Are you ready for ICD-10?






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As a team, FiEHR is unequivocally 100% committed to your success. We strive to provide you with the innovative solutions that your practice needs to find success in the evolving healthcare industry. Seamless integration, reliable connectivity and streamlined workflow are the founding pillars of our solution. It is our goal to give you the tools to maintain competitive edge in the evolving healthcare industry and ultimately, provide the best quality care to your communities.